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We provide everyday health assistance and sense of security for you and your loved ones.

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Use your wearable device

Monitor basic vital signs like heart rate, HRV, blood saturation or movement using available wearable devices
Wearable device

Analyse your heart condition

IRBA performs continuous analysis of provided data using machine learning algorithms to detect life-threatening heart behavior and calls for help to increase your chances of survival.
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Life threatening state

When IRBA detects a life threatening state, it will notify you right away and call for adequate help if you don’t respond.
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Improve your health

Any worrying performance of your circulatory system will be saved and presented to you. IRBA might also conduct a simple interview to understand the situation better.
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Mikolaj - photo
Mikołaj Basza
Chief Executive Officer

Medicine and research.

Kacper - photo
Kacper Rączy
Chief Technology Officer

Technology and app design.

Karol - photo
Karol Drewniak
Chief Legal Officer

Law and certification.

Michal - photo
Michał Unicki
Business Analyst
Szymon - photo
Szymon Kocot
Deep Learning Developer